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  • Why SYOKIMAU real estate is a must buy!
    22/10/2019 - African developers group 0 Comments
    Why SYOKIMAU is a must buy!

    Traffic along Mombasa road is well known and to some extend has discouraged some

    home buyers from considering the location. However, the Government is in the process
    of upgrading Mombasa road to a double decker highway.

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  • Things to Know before Investing in Real estate in Kenya
    21/10/2019 - African developers group 0 Comments
    Things To Know Before Investing in Real estate in Kenya

    You bet. Real estate investment is a tricky business. This is why we have made it possible and easy to stay in the top of the process. Real estate is seen as one of the surest investment options. However, there are risks involved. Reuben Kimani, CEO of Username Investments, spoke to Jacqueline Mahugu
    on what you need to know before you take a plunge. 

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  • Why Invest in real estate in Kenya?
    20/10/2019 - African developers group (ADG) 0 Comments
    5 Reasons why you Should Invest in Real estate in Kenya

    In today's world with its constant finance fluctuation, a need for a way to invest and safely save money is risen. There are many way to invest your money out there such as stock market, investment bonds, mutual funds, saving accounts and physical commodities. Each one has its own pros and cons and its complexity and risky levels that is if not proceed with caution and knowledge, it will have a negative return instead. 

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