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Is remembered long after the price is forgotten


Is Not an act It's a HABIT


Is the PRIDE of workmanship

Everything must start

with a solid foundation

Providing high quality, accurate and time efficient projects

to deliver on our classic skills in technology

Experts in construction and Investments

ADG is renowned for providing highly qualified, accurate and time efficient supervision service to support and enhance the projects' execution. By employing and enhancing the best available resources, we utelize local knowledge and our growing experience to deliver world class skills in quality. 


Our Foundation



 Hospitals, clinics and Specialized medical centers


2300 unit


33500 sqm

 Office and commercial building

Medical Park

Medical Park Is the iconic business hub of Cairo, that offers both ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES and MEDICAL CLINICS with a full range of facilities located in one building That covers 33000 sqm


Business Hub
Business hub It is a 6 story administrative building that offers office spaces starting from 49 sqm up to 1952 sqm per floor. Business Plus has a 2-level basement, with 124 car parking spaces, and it includes commercial and open spaces.



Larose project provides distinctive designs for external interface and different areas of residential units (970 units) on 42000m2 to meet different needs and satisfy all tastes, as well as entrance and exit gates to secure residents,breathtaking green areas, traffic corridors and public seating areas to enjoy the residents of all the features of the compound


Our Specialization

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